June 2022

4base lab AG has been awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal of quality. The seal, awarded by the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. (Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany), is given to companies that excel in research and development (R&D). The seal was awarded for the first time in 2014 and is valid for two years.

February 2022
4base lab has developed a method for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 viruses in wastewater.

December 2021
As in previous years, we are again supporting the support association Sonnenstrahlen eV. support association with our donation. The association is located in Reutlingen and works with children and adolescents of parents with cancer or serious illnesses, addressing their needs, their worries and concerns, their hopes and fears. This work is more important than ever in the current times. You are welcome to support the association (

12. October 2021

Press Release: “smart analytics” – quality assurance for mRNA vaccines

31. December 2020
Schwäbisches Tagblatt: Die Firma 4base-lab prüft Corona-Impfstoffe (

1. December 2020
Jubiläum: 25 Jahre 4base lab (BioMedTech regional, die Zeitschrift des BioMedTech-Vereins) „BioMedTech 39, Dez2020“

27. November 2020
Langandauernde neutralisierende Immunantwort bei Patienten mit leichter COVID-19 Erkrankung:
Persisting Neutralizing Activity to SARS-CoV-2 over Months in Sera of COVID-19 Patients (DOI: 10.3390/v12121357)

25. November 2020
Update on our recommendations for avoiding quarantines for companies we serve. With a high dispersion factor, the probability of infection of personnel increases even with stagnating numbers of new infections.

10. November 2020
A donation of 4base lab for the support association Sonnenstrahlen e.V. in Reutlingen. The association is located in Reutlingen and works with children and adolescents of parents with cancer or serious illnesses.

15. October 2020
Launch of the research project “qualitycontrol of mRNA by 4th Generation Sequencing”.

01. September 2020
Launch of program to ensure virus-free status in mRNA vaccine production teams.

27. April 2020-Press Release
4base lab unterstützt Corona-Tests

01. March 2020
Start of personnel monitoring program for PCR detection in pharyngeal swabs to safeguard analytical capacities at 4base lab.

15. February 2020
Starting design, synthesis and cloning of a reference RNA molecule to nCoV-2

23. January 2020
After initial analysis of the organ tropism of the novel coronavirus based on the Wuhan sequence, decision of 4base lab management to allocate resources for the establishment of SARS-CoV-2 PCR analytics.